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Client History:

We invite you to join our ever-expanding family of satisfied customers of
JD Grewell & Associates, Inc. (JDGAI), some of which are listed below:

  • President of the United States;
  • Members of America's First Family;
  • White House Chief of Staff & other staff personnel;
  • US Senators and Representatives & staff;
  • US Armed Forces including Admirals, Generals, & other ranks,
  • Federal and State judges;
  • County Government and State Agencies;
  • Fannie Mae officers & staff
  • World Bank officers & staff
  • Numerous Industry & Trade Representatives;
  • Washington Post Editors, Reporters, & staff;
  • CNN, Local, and National Broadcast Media and Investigative Reporters;
  • Syndicated National Real Estate Columnists;
  • Newsweek Reporters;
  • World Champion Middleweight Boxing and Olympic Gold Medallist;
  • Washington Redskins and Wizards, plus Super Bowl Most Valuable Players;
  • Architects, Engineers, Builders & Developers;
  • Lawyers, Doctors & Dentists;
  • Federal, State, & local Government personnel;
  • Realtors and many of their family members;
  • US Marine Barracks Commandant's (the oldest continuously habited dwelling in the US) and Officers Quarters


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